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Here you'll find a list of our top frequently asked questions (our FAQ).

Do you offer short and long term rentals?
Yes, we offer daily, weekly, and month-to-month rentals.  Kopykat can tailor a rental program to meet
your specific needs, from weekly to as long as you need it!

What does the rental include?
Usage of the copier, all service, parts and supplies (excludes paper).

Is there a minimum rental charge?
Yes, there is either a one week or one month minimum rental charge. If you use the equipment for less
than the designated plan, your cost will be for the minimum period. If you use the equipment for more
than the minimum rental period, your final usage will be prorated.  However, we do not require a time-
binding agreement; either party may cancel with a reasonable two week notice.

What areas do you service?
We have kept business running smoothly throughout Wayne County, Monroe County, and Ontario
County (New York) since 1985.  

If my equipment breaks down, what is your response time?
We stand behind our commitment to our customers to offer the most outstanding service in the
industry. Our response time depends on time of call; generally same day or next day.

What if I need to upgrade my equipment?
We understand that as your business grows, so do your business needs. Upgrading your equipment is
no problem.  Give us a call and we will discuss the options.

If I own my equipment, do you have a service contract available?
Yes, service contracts include all parts, service, and supplies.

With so many copiers and multifunction machines on the market, how can I determine which would
best meet our needs?
It is important to choose a copier company that is committed to their clients and not just seeking to
make a sale. We will assist you in determining what you need your copier to do by looking at things
such as your current volume and paper consumption, functions like sorting and stapling that you might
want in a copier and whether you need a copier which supports color.

What happens if our copier cannot be repaired in our office? Do you provide a loaner, and if so, is
there a charge?
Yes, we do provide a loaner and there is no charge if you are under a service contract with Kopykat.

What warranty do you offer?
Warranties vary with the different manufacturers of our products. We have a maintenance contract
available which will provide 100% all-inclusive coverage for your machine, for the life of the contract. We
also have service options that provide service on an as-needed basis, with charges for the service call,
time, parts and labor only.

Choosing a Copier or Printer

What is your Approximate Monthly Volume?
Printer and Copier Manufacturers have what they call “Maximum Monthly Volume” or “Monthly Duty
Cycles” on every printer or copier they make. Now, with that said you wouldn’t dare come close to those
(small to medium printers/copier) volumes or the printer /copier could end up lasting about 6 months.
These guidelines can be set very high and should not play a large role in your decision; you may be
better examining the general specifications. The general rule of thumb is to be no more than about 50%
of the Manufacturer’s Maximum Monthly Volume or Monthly Duty Cycle.

What paper sizes do you need to copy or print?
Most desktop printers today can only print up to a maximum size of 8 ½ x 14 (Legal) size. If that’s all you
need than desktop is fine. If not, you may have to consider a larger printer (up to 11 x 17) or may be
better off looking at a Digital Copier with Printing.

Do you need automatic duplexing? (2 Sided copying/printing)
Please remember machines that are capable of producing 2 sided copies/prints are manufactured to
do so. If you need it, buy it. Many people feel they can consistently just keep flipping the pages over in
the cassette. This is not a good long term practice and can create premature wearing of some of the
parts in your device.

What is this printer/copier going to cost you?
Know your cost per page. Cost per page is one of the most over looked aspects of a printer/copier. You
could very well end up spending more to refill it with toner and a drum unit than you initially paid for the
printer. Many offices are unaware that they are printing at various costs per page within their office
because they have multiple printers. Think about this, if you were driving down the street and needed
gas (toner) and one station was advertising $3.75 per gallon and the other was at $3.99, where would
you fill up? Would you send a large print job to a printer which is costing you .04 per page or to the other
printer that cost .02 per page? We can help you find the answers to these questions before you buy or
rent your next copier or printer.
Still have questions? Please contact us
anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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